What is LENR?

When knowledge went to the scientific method culminating with the beautiful science of Isaac Newton, everyone thought that scientific knowledge must be complete.

But then came the fantastic detailed experiments of Michael Faraday on electricity and magnetism.  Which resulted in the electrification of the world with the help of Nicola Tesla.

With the rediscovery of the atom we then started a line of scientific enquiry that led to the most terrible thing the human race has ever done – the fission bombs during world war two.

After world war two a very intensive line of scientific research started into trying to understand the components of the atoms and how all of their parts interacted with each other, and with other atoms. This line of inquiry is still going on to this day.

Millions of scientific papers have been written, millions of experiments have been done.  And the one thing we have learned through all of this discovery by the scientific method is that at any time we truly know just a tiny fraction of the Universe.

We are constantly being surprised by new discoveries, new inventions, new understanding of the world and the universe we live in.

One of the lines of research was centered around what was happening at different temperatures and energies between the electrons and the various component parts of the nucleus of the atoms.

This brings us to the famous media event on “cold fusion” in 1989 by Fleischmann and Pons.  They claimed, and I believe them, that their experiments produced more heat energy then the equivalent energy input as electricity.

Ever since the first story by Fleischmann and Pons, thousands of experiments and papers have been performed and written on this subject. Since it has become clear that there are many different things happening during these experiments including, fission, fusion, chemical reactions, and even some types of new actions not clearly understood yet – most people have taken to calling this type of research “low energy nuclear reactions” – LENR.

Since nuclear actions release millions of times more energy than chemical ones, and nuclear actions can be self sustaining, the “holy grail” of LENR is to make a device that produces a lot of energy while in what is called a self sustaining mode, using no energy input.

Depending on the type of device this self sustaining LENR invention can produce hot water, steam, electricity, X-rays, gamma rays, and other useful things such as alpha and beta particles.

In the real world this will mean – when this new energy revolution has matured – everyone on planet Earth can have all of the free energy they want for any purpose. 

Free energy for transportation, electricity, heat, steam, cooling, desalination, irrigation, space travel, solar system development, etc., etc.

That is what the Open Source LENR Project is all about. Won’t you join us?

Written by Gary Wright, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA,  April 9, 2012

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