Letters of Support

This page is where we will be posting letters of support and encouragement.
But we do need to make a disclaimer statement though.
We are aware that there is a little friction between some people involved in the Cold Fusion/LENR field.
There may also be a little friction between people who live in different countries.
This project though, is for all the world, we are going to stay neutral between all parties.
Also please remember that these letters will be coming in from all over the world, where words and concepts might mean different things based on the country and culture of origin.
And finally we would like to say that if anyone wants to send in their own letter of support and encouragement, they can do so by sending an email with our CONTACT form. Please include permission to publish under your name.


This letter was received from Peter Gluck – I know who Peter is – but I have never met or talked with him, but we appreciate the offer of encouragement and support. Thank you Peter.
On 5/19/2012 08:39 AM, Peter Gluck wrote:Dear Gary,
I congratulate you for this initiative and I will
support your action as a friend and a consultant.
Now you are in the most difficult stage of finding
your niche, specialty position, your sources of information,
team- your definition. You have to acquire the understanding and empathy of the other participants
in these, unfortunately, still uphill. battles.
I hope you will have the skills and chances to find a good
place and orientation in LENR. The times of LENR are
interesting now (you know the significance of this adjectuve) but hopefully will be really good, soon.My best wishes,

This letter was received from Edward Tsyganov – I know who Edward is – but I have never met or talked with him, but we appreciate the offer of encouragement and support. Thank you Edward.

On 5/10/2012 02:33 PM, Edward Tsyganov wrote: 

Dear Gary,Your Open Source LENR Project is probably a very clever idea. A bit slow, but we still have some time for the cold fusion research. Of course, the world governments could organize the necessary research much faster, but it is very hard to control very  complicated social developments.My first experience with cold fusion happens when I met Prof. Luis Alvarez at LBL in 1976. Muon catalysis was very exciting, but already does not looked very promising, due to a short life time span of the muon. In December 1989 I was sitting in the audience of Martin Fleischmann seminar at CERN (where I participated in DELPHI experiment at LEP e+e- collider). I was very excited with Fleischmann’s presentation. That time I just introduced bent crystals for high energy beams deflection, to be used in high energy physics, and was fascinated with the crystalline structures. I have returned to the topic of cold fusion recently, and was literally shocked when I realized suddenly what the reason was for the fusion enhancement when the elements are loaded in conducting crystals. The reason was already discovered during 2002-2008 in series of low energy accelerator experiments, but the results were not properly recognized and understood.About 20 years of scientific taboo suppressed cold fusion research significantly, but the core of people involved still keeps the flame. However, this community is not well organized, very much disoriented, and need the new momentum.I would like to help to your endeavor as much as I can. At least, place my recent publications in the Literature of your Project. Other participation is also possible.

Please, keep me informed.

Edward Tsyganov

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