We want to make it perfectly clear that “The Open Source LENR Project” is currently NOT taking any type of donations or monetary support of any kind, and won’t be till the trust is created and all of the legal documents are posted on the internet.

After the creation of the trust anyone who sees the value in what we are doing will have ample opportunity to help in many various ways, and to be a part of this exciting project.

This Cold Fusion/LENR project is Open Source.
The people involved are not!
With a brief note on some more details of, The Open Source LENR Project.
It has been 23 years since the announcement of cold fusion in 1989, with the promise of unlimited, modular, and free energy for everyone.Who have been working in this field, with the stated purpose to bring this promise to reality?
1) Many institutions of higher learning, in many countries.
2) Many private companies, in many countries.
3) Many individuals on their own, in many countries.
4) Many government agencies, in many countries.
Someone could spend just 8 hours on the internet collecting information and easily make a list of hundreds of names to put in the list above.What has been the result of this 23 year research project by all of these people?
We have obtained a very large amount of information.  But unfortunately most of the information that has been made available comes from two sources, governments and private companies.  Both have a desire to keep a lot of information private, and only give out enough information so they can get more investors or additional funding.To this day not one person or company has developed or demonstrated even a relatively small 1 KW or larger Cold Fusion/LENR device that is self-sustaining, with verified 3rd party testing and documentation.We know there is safe and abundant power in the atom that can be extracted for use in small individual devices, 1 KW to 100 KW.  Enough energy to provide heating, cooling, fresh water, and power for a vehicle or a home.  Even power for commercial applications by connecting units together.

The people who have been working in this field have had their chance for 23 years, now the project of creating such a device is being turned over to the people of the world – it is “The Open Source LENR Project.”

Just a brief note on some details of, The Open Source LENR Project.
1) There are no investors.
2) It is not a company or business.
3) There is no stock.
4) No money will go for salaries or compensation except for absolutely essential cases, for work that cannot be done in-house by volunteers, and even then that will be by contract only.  As an example, we want a Certified CPA to provide quarterly and yearly reports, but if we cannot find one that will volunteer to do this, then we will have to pay for the services of someone.
5) There will be no employees, all services will be donated.
6) The creator of the project – Gary Wright – will never receive any monies for compensation, all of his time devoted to this project will be (and has been) donated.
7) By the legally governing trust documents, if by some small chance the project was ever terminated, all money and resources of the project would have to be distributed to non-profit organizations with the same or like goals.
8) Every dollar coming into, and going out of the project, will be accounted for with all documents available on the internet for all to see.
9) Complete safeguards will be in place so no person can embezzle any of the funds of the project.
10) No grants or loans will ever be applied for from any organization or government.
11) The initial seed money for the project will be provided by Gary Wright.  Then as the project develops, the specific monetary needs for equipment and experiments of the project will be posted online.  The project will proceed in direct proportion as the money comes in to meet the requirements of each experiment.

As you can well imagine there will be great opposition to a project of this kind.
The people of the world are never allowed to take things into their own hands, are they?
The world as envisioned in the book 1984, just like the date has already arrived.

Already the project is being attacked because we don’t follow the accepted ways people think we should.
And because we don’t provide the information they think we should.

When people want to know every detail about someone it is always for just one purpose – to catalog them and put them in a box – a box based on some criteria of the person wanting the information.

And because there will be this intense opposition, for this project to succeed the private details of the people involved must be kept private, not because anyone has anything to hide.

That is why we say – The Cold Fusion/LENR project is Open Source, but the people involved are not!

Gary Wright
May 19, 2012


The Experimental Methods For
The Open Source LENR Project 

We have stated elsewhere that the primary purpose of the Open Source LENR Project is to develop a working LENR device, that at a minimum, is very stable and produces at least 1 KW of energy in self sustain mode.  We said the science would come later.  We feel that we really need to explain that statement and shed a little light on the experimental process we are developing.The scientific method usually is done in only one of two ways.  The first is pure science just for the fun and joy of discovering something new about this marvelous universe we live in.  A good example of this would be Galileo who performed experiments and put the results down in writing for all to enjoy.  He did this just for the fun of it and his methods are the same ones we still use today in the scientific process. The second method used in science is always directed towards a particular device, process, or invention.  This type of research is always designed for a commercial purpose. This is the type of science done at the drug companies, automobile manufacturers, snack and candy makers, Apple computer company, etc.There is nothing wrong with either of the two ways, they just have different goals and methods.  Pure science is always open and the results are always given freely to all.  Science for profit is always hidden because it must be protected with patents or some other method so profits can be made.The Open Source LENR Project is actually going to use a little of both methods.  We will want to protect our work so others cannot patent or claim rights to our research.  But at the same time we want the results of this research to be available to the whole world so we must protect it, and we don’t want others to claim it as theirs.  And even though the goal of this project is to provide free or extremely low cost energy to everyone on the Earth, we must also do fundamental basic science, research, and experiments to get us to our goal.  After the products are developed, then will be the time to publish the scientific papers explaining in detail the science behind our work.After looking in exhausting detail at all of the research and science relating to the worldwide work of trying to understand the atom from Rutherford till today we can only ask one question – why hasn’t the energy in the atoms been tamed?

We have known for over one hundred years the equivalence of matter and energy discovered by others and made famous by Einstein.  But the first use of this knowledge was for atomic weapons, which still to this day is in the daily news.

But some could see the peaceful uses for the atom, even after World War II.  Remember the famous “Atoms for Peace” speech of US President Dwight Eisenhower in 1953?  Here are a few words from it:

  • “My country’s purpose is to help us move out of the dark chamber of horrors into the light, to find a way by which the minds of men, the hopes of men, the souls of men everywhere, can move forward toward peace and happiness and well being.”
  • “It is not enough to take this weapon out of the hands of the soldiers. It must be put into the hands of those who will know how to strip its military casing and adapt it to the arts of peace.”
  • “The United States knows that if the fearful trend of atomic military build-up can be reversed, this greatest of destructive forces can be developed into a great boon, for the benefit of all mankind. The United States knows that peaceful power from atomic energy is no dream of the future. The capability, already proved, is here today.”
  • “Experts would be mobilized to apply atomic energy to the needs of agriculture, medicine and other peaceful activities. A special purpose would be to provide abundant electrical energy in the power-starved areas of the world.”
  • “Third – allow all peoples of all nations to see that, in this enlightened age, the great powers of the earth, both of the East and of the West, are interested in human aspirations first, rather than in building up the armaments of war;”
  • “To the making of these fateful decisions, the United States pledges before you, and therefore before the world, its determination to help solve the fearful atomic dilemma – to devote its entire heart and mind to finding the way by which the miraculous inventiveness of man shall not be dedicated to his death, but consecrated to his life.”

If President Dwight Eisenhower was speaking for the people, then the US has surely lost its way.  Just the thought of the results of a nuclear war has prevented one from happening. We have been lucky it seems. But what about the promise of unlimited free energy in the atom, just waiting for us to use?  What have we got so far, other than hundreds of fissionable power plants that threaten to poison the whole Earth? Either with meltdowns or storage of waste that will be deadly for thousands of years.

But there is a bright side!  The promised power in the atom is still there! Just waiting for some enterprising group to claim it as their own.  And that is just what we are going to do!

The reason it has not happened yet is because 50-100 years before the promise of the atom there were already two thriving industries so entrenched into our societies that they had the power to prevent any meaningful change of technology.  They were oil and coal.  The power is still there today but it is dwindling daily.  Why? Because the “powers that be” wanting to create a new world order, decided to try to control and tax the whole world by creating the false idea and scare the peoples of the world by declaring that the world is on fire!  They have been so good at this that everyone has heard of “global warming.”

But that now puts everyone in the world on our side because our technology, LENR, the promised power in the atom, will halt “global warming” in its tracks!  LENR is safe, non-polluting, GREEN, and has no harmful side effects!

The Science of LENR – The Science of the Atom

First let us say what should have happened.  Immediately right after WWII the peoples of the world should have started a campaign to find out everything they could concerning small individual power units based on the power of the atom. But all research went into designing and building large and powerful plants just to feed energy into a massive power grid.

What is interesting though is that constant continuing research about the atom has provided us with a huge database of information just at our finger tips.  And it just keeps coming.  Let me tell you about some interesting reports in just the last few years.

Let’s take Beryllium for example, it is a metal that is lighter than aluminum but yet is stronger than steel.  It has a low electrical resistance and high thermal conductivity like copper, with which it is alloyed with 2% being beryllium.  It is non-sparking and non-magnetic.  It is transparent to x-rays.  But most interesting of all it is used in fusion reactors because of its neutron reflecting and moderating properties, and because of its ability to withstand the extraordinarily high temperatures associated with fusion energy.  Neutron emission upon alpha-bombardment is one of the most important of the nuclear physical properties associated with beryllium. It has low neutron absorption properties and has a high-scattering cross-section.  Most metals absorb neutrons from fission of nuclear fuel, but beryllium only reduces the energy of the neutrons and reflects them back into the fission zone.  It is used quite often in a 2% alloy with nickel in various industrial items.

Now the stable isotope of Be-9 has 4P and 5N with two energy shells holding 2 electrons each.  The next most stable is Be-10 with a half life of about 1½ million years.  The Naval Air Warfare Center has been working with palladium-boron and beryllium-boron alloys for a long time. Be-10 decays to boron.  What is interesting is that Miles, M., submitted a paper, “Electrochemical loading of hydrogen and deuterium into palladium and palladium-boron alloys,” at the 6th ICCF.

But that is not the most interesting thing about what we have to say, this is – “nuclear halo.”

One of the first things we are going to do once the computer system is set up in the lab with high powered chemical software is do a complete analysis of hundreds of different alloys and try to figure the best way to get a large percentage of “nuclear halo” in the mix.  When we are successful we will melt some metal, and fire up some cells.  While this study is going on we will fire up some more conventional cells to get the ball rolling.  We have some unique ideas for these also. Remember you can buy beryllium-nickel alloys on the open market, now.

Two interesting papers on the “nuclear halo” subject are:
“Nuclear Charge Radii of 7,9,10Be and the one-neutron halo nucleus 11Be,” and
“Halo nucleus 11Be: a spectroscopic study via neutron transfer.”

What is important about nuclear halo is best conveyed by just quoting from the paper.   You must remember that halo nuclei was not even discovered until 1985.

  • “The discovery of halo nuclei in 1985 triggered a large number of experiments in order to understand the properties and behavior of these extraordinary systems. In a halo nucleus, individual nucleons – in most cases neutrons – can reside far away from the nuclear core. The best established and investigated neutron-halo nuclei are 6,8He, 11Li, and 11Be. In a neutron-halo nucleus, the change of the nuclear charge distribution provides information on the interactions between the different subsystems of the strongly clustered nucleus. Such changes may originate from two effects: firstly, the motion of the nuclear core relative to the center of mass, and secondly core polarization induced by the interaction between the halo neutrons and the core. In the case of helium the nuclear core is tightly bound and only a 4% contribution of core excitation is expected. The dominant part of the change is induced by the center-of-mass motion. Conversely, the 9Li core in 11Li is rather soft and core polarization can play a much more important role. Separation between these effects is not trivial since the correlation between the halo neutrons needs to be considered. Thus, to develop a consistent picture of neutron-rich light nuclei, more data are necessary for different systems, which is a motivation to determine accurately the charge radii of 7,9,10,11Be. 11Be is the first one-neutron halo nucleus for which the charge radius is reported.”

“Nuclear Charge Radii of 7,9,10Be and the one-neutron halo nucleus 11Be,”


  • “The best examples of halo nuclei, exotic systems with a diffuse nuclear cloud surrounding a tightly-bound core, are found in the light, neutron-rich region, where the halo neutrons experience only weak binding and a weak, or no, potential barrier.”
  • “Nuclear halos are a phenomenon associated with certain weakly-bound nuclei, in which a tail of dilute nuclear matter is distributed around a tightly bound core. This effect is only possible for bound states with no strong Coulomb or centrifugal barrier, and which lie close to a particle-emission threshold. Though excited-state halos exist, the number of well-studied halo states is predominantly limited to a handful of light, weakly-bound nuclei which exhibit the phenomenon in their ground state.
  • The neutron-rich nucleus 11Be is a brilliant example of this phenomenon, with halo structures in both of its bound states, and light enough to be modeled with an ab initio approach.”
  • “In all of these models, the wave functions for the 11Be halo states show a considerable overlap with a valence neutron coupled to an excited 10Be(2+) core,…”

“Halo nucleus 11Be: a spectroscopic study via neutron transfer.”

Another very interesting field of study leading to a stable LENR device will be the application of Catastrophe Theory as developed by Rene Thom.  We studied this theory in depth back in the 1980s but didn’t find a use for it at that time, now though it is clear that it can be used in the study of LENR.  Just stop and think just a moment, almost every chart you see on a working LENR cell shows a slowly rising or flat line until, bang, in just a matter of seconds in some cases the line shoots almost straight up.  What is the cause of these bifurcation degenerate points?  I am sure that  Catastrophe Theory can be a useful tool to help supply the answer. What is the “cusp catastrophe” for LENR?

What about spin states? Can fractal theory as it applies to physical states be useful here?  What happens in a LENR cell if all of the matrix has the same spin states?  How would you even create this situation to test it?  We will find out.

Where are the reports of all of the different kinds of triggering mechanisms with the same type of material and loading? We will test every type of loading imaginable, from heat to microwaves. What about creating a physical resonance to make the metal “breathe” allowing faster and more complete loading.  Surely all of these types of things have been recorded right? Why does each lab entering the field have to start from scratch each time?  We will post every variation of each experiment done in our lab, so everyone worldwide will have this info so the same things won’t have to be repeated over and over even if they don’t work.

The lab notebooks from “The Open Source LENR Project” will become the most highly sought after scientific literature of all time.

What about scale?  Where are all of the reports on the same experiments, but at different scales, to see how this is impacting the results.  If you are using a thin foil, what would happen if you did the exact same experiment but changed the thickness of the foil in increments from thousands of an inch up to maybe ¼ in.?  What about results for layered material? We will provide this data for all to see.

There are so many variables in these types of experiments that for the last 23 years everyone should have been recording and publishing all experiments with all variables for all to see, whether the experiment had positive results or not. Why hasn’t complete step by step details of each experiment been published for all to see and have reference to? We will.

Using “pulse plating rectifiers,” “super lattice” alloys can be produced as well as ductile amorphous alloys.  Some examples of these types of alloys are – cobalt-nickel-iron, chromium-nickel-iron, nickel-titanium-iron.  Has any lab tested these materials in controlled cells? Publishing the information for all to see?  We will.

How does grain size in metals and alloys effect cell operations?  We will publish this type of information.  As much as possible we want to prepare and analysis initially all materials in-house.  Publishing all details, of course.

If you have read this far we think you will understand that we could easily, with the proper resources, keep 100-200 cells in operation at all times.

The research won’t stop even after the first 1 KW cell is in operation.  We want to find the best, most powerful, cheapest, most stable, and safest LENR method.  Our goal is to provide a LENR cell, using the power in the atom, about the size of a hardback book, that needs no controls or energy input during operation, and will produce 10 KW of high temp steam, continuously for 1 to 5 years! It can be done!!

Our goal is to have the largest and most complete LENR lab in the world. With just one purpose for its being – to provide the power of the atom to everyone on Earth.

Won’t you join us?

Gary Wright
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
May 9, 2012

Why the Open Source LENR Project?

Like all people here on this planet my interests vary through time.  But there has been one thing that has always interested me from the day I was born till today, and that interest leads me into every aspect of science and technology.  After watching science and technology continuously in real time during my life, and studying those subjects throughout history, I know that no one truly understands them fully at any time, at best, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that our knowledge is not perfect and is incomplete, therefore we acknowledge that our knowledge and understanding will change through time, even to the breaking asunder of closely held dogmas.One of the measures of truth in a person is how easily they can change their closely held beliefs when new facts are brought to their attention.  Do they stick their head in the sand? Do they actively fight against the new facts and beliefs? Do they say, it is possible but I will wait for more facts?  Come let us reason together, should be the way to address new facts we are presented with.  In other words, the best way, when confronted with a new idea or new facts, is to say OK, let’s look at the truth of the claim and of the facts.  Truth – or what is true – no matter where it leads is always the best path to follow.  Why do I say that? If you follow the truth you will never have to apologize, never have to say “I was wrong,” or go back in time to where you got off the path of truth, and continue from there on the right path (you can save lots of time this way). Just a thought – How can a person “save time”? Aren’t we all given the same amount? Can you even “save time,” for instance can you save two hours, 8 am to 10 am today and use them at a later time, like tomorrow?  Instead of saying “save time,” wouldn’t it be better and more accurate to say something like, “you can use your time more wisely.” So it should read like this, instead of “save time” – (you can use your time more wisely this way). It is funny how people use words without really thinking about their meaning. But concerning facts and truth, we must be gentle with our neighbors, we never know what another person knows, what facts they have assimilated, what is in their head on which they base their beliefs.But on to cold fusion/LENR.Even though cold fusion, and low temperature nuclear reactions (LENR) were a continuous part of academic and government research beginning with the first atomic bombs, it was never publicized as producing a form of energy that was controllable and “free,” i.e., energy produced over the cost of the energy put into the system.  Publicizing research into that form of nuclear energy was reserved for “hot fusion.”  “Hot fusion” was going to “capture the sun” and provide unlimited heat and electricity for all mankind.  Billions upon billions of 1940-70s dollars were put into this research, with the promise we would have commercial “hot fusion” by the year 2000, and we are still being told today that billions upon billions of more dollars are needed, but it will be at least 50 to 80 years before commercial “hot fusion” will be available to the public.Almost all basic research into the structure of the atom was and still is for military purposes.  Yes, we have spinoffs such as X-ray and nuclear medicine, and the fission reactors producing electricity worldwide, but still the basic funding has always been for military purposes.

The behind the scenes reasons and justification for the billions of dollars spent on “hot nuclear” fusion is still the same, military.  If you go back and look where research on “hot fusion” was done and how it was funded it will always lead you about 80% of the time directly to the military or one of their labs, institutions, or research centers.  This includes all nuclear research at schools, universities, and private(?) companies.  It is the spinoff technology resulting from the research the military wants, not the “hot fusion” reactors. So the “hot fusion” reactors are just a front for more and more funding for the military without anyone being the wiser.  They claim the research is for civil purposes, a cheap and safe source of energy for all mankind.  That is why those types of projects continue to receive the absurd amount of funding going into them.  This has always been one way for the military to get funding for many projects, all they have to do is point to some of the spinoffs, and then they call it “civil” scientific programs.

But then cold fusion/LENR came on the public scene in 1989 promising a free limitless source of energy that did not need billions of dollars of government funding to make it happen.  It was said that this was something that anybody with thousands or maybe just a few hundreds of thousands of dollars could develop anywhere. Ever wonder why the people so loudly criticized Pons and Fleischmann for the way they brought their research into the public eye? It was not that a new discovery was published that was the problem, it was “how” it was published that was the problem. Everyone said they should have published in a peer reviewed journal.  Why? Because hardly anyone reads science literature.  And then the “powers that be” could control how much, and what reporting went into the major media.  A good analysis of how the government wants information to flow so they can control the media is to look at the competitor of Pons and Fleischmann at the time, Mr. Steven E. Jones also of Utah, but to understand this we must first go back to 1968.

Luis Alvarez was a part of the team searching for sub-atomic particles from the very beginning, and when he gave his Nobel Lecture, on December 11, 1968 he made a very unusual statement, he said:

  • “The next day, when we had all accepted the idea that stopped muons were catalyzing the fusion of protons and deuterons, our whole group paid a visit to Edward Teller, at his home. After a short period of introduction to the observations and to the proposed fusion reaction, he explained the high probability of the reaction as follows: the stopped muon radiated its way into the lowest Bohr orbit around a proton. The resulting muonic hydrogen atom, y,~-, then had many of the properties of a neutron, and could diffuse freely through the liquid hydrogen. When it came close to the deuteron in an HD molecule, the muon would transfer to the deuteron, because the ground state of the p-d atom is lower than that of the p-y atom, in consequence of « reduced mass » effect. The new « heavy neutron » dp- might then recoil some distance as a result of the exchange reaction, thus explaining the « gap ». The final stage of capture of a proton into a pap- molecular ion was also energetically favorable, so a proton and deuteron could now be confined close enough together by the heavy negative muon to fuse into a 3He nucleus plus the energy given to the internally converted muon.”
  • “We had a short but exhilarating experience when we thought we had solved all of the fuel problems of mankind for the rest of time. A few hasty calculations indicated that in liquid HD a single negative muon would catalyze enough fusion reactions before it decayed to supply the energy to operate an accelerator to produce more muons, with energy left over after making the liquid HD from sea water. While everyone else had been trying to solve this problem by heating hydrogen plasmas to millions of degrees, we had apparently stumbled on the solution, involving very low temperatures instead.”
  • “But soon, more realistic estimates showed that we were off the mark by several orders of magnitude-a « near miss » in this kind of physics!”

To Mr. Steven E. Jones, who was part of the controversy swirling around cold fusion/LENR in 1989 the work of Luis Alvarez was especially important for part of the research of Alvarez was the basis for the work being done by Jones in 1985 to 1989. It is clear just how important the work of Alvarez was to Mr. Jones because he quoted a paragraph from the Noble speech of Alvarez in his ground breaking paper in a 1987 Scientific American magazine.

Here is just part of the technical explanations, the funding pleas, and the carrots in Mr. Jones article. This is the type of article the “powers that be” just love. The technology is always just down the road, commercialization is always just a few years away.  But “when” it finally gets here, it will be so wonderful for everybody. When you are publishing an article about a technology that is paradigm shifting, the farther off the implementation of that technology the better, 5, 10, 20, or more years.  Here are some interesting quotes from that article:

  • Title: “Cold Nuclear Fusion

The electronlike particles called muons can catalyze nuclear fusion reactions, eliminating the need for powerful lasers or high-temperature
plasmas. The process may one day become a commercial energy source
by Johann Rafelski and Steven E. Jones”

  • “The discovery caused great excitement at first. As Alvarez remarked in his Nobel-prize acceptance speech in 1968, “We had a short but exhilarating experience when we thought we had solved all of the fuel problems of mankind for the rest of time.” Unfortunately later calculations showed the reactions he had observed were too slow to generate useful energy: the average muon had time to catalyze at most only a single fusion before it decayed, producing too little energy to supply muons for later reactions. Most investigators went on pursuing other methods of stimulating fusion.”
  • “Muon-catalyzed fusion, which is also called cold fusion, can take place rapidly at room temperature in a simple chamber containing certain kinds of hydrogen known as deuterium and tritium. Particles known as negative muons are introduced into the chamber, and they form unusually tight bonds between the nuclei of some of the hydrogen atoms. The muon-bonded hydrogen nuclei then fuse, ejecting the muons, which can go on to catalyze other fusion reactions. The other atoms in the gas are essentially unaffected, except that each fusion increases the temperature of the gas as a whole. The heat from muon-catalyzed reactions might someday drive turbines for generating electricity.”
  • It is not yet possible to build a cold fusion reactor that produces more energy than is required to operate it. A major stumbling block results from the short lifetime of muons, which decay, on the average, in about two microseconds (millionths of a second) after they are created. In that short time each muon must catalyze enough reactions so that the reactor as a whole can power the accelerator that generates muons. Until recently that goal seemed remote. In the past few years, however, theoretical and experimental advances have shown that under the proper conditions a muon may catalyze hundreds of times more reactions before it decays than had seemed possible. It is now conceivable that cold fusion may become an economically viable method of generating energy.”
  • “A model that explained the results was developed by E. A. Vesman of the Estonian Academy of Sciences in 1967. In 1977. S. S. Gershtein, L. I. Ponomarev and their co-workers in Dubna built on Vesman’s model to predict that at certain temperatures, and in certain high-density mixtures of deuterium and tritium, muon-catalyzed fusion could occur much more rapidly-perhaps thousands of times more rapidly-than the processes first seen. The prediction led one of us (Jones) and his colleagues to do experimental studies of muon-catalyzed fusion in deuterium and tritium.”
  • “Historically, pioneering research in physics tends to precede applications beneficial to society by one or two generations. The physics of exotic particles is now entering a stage at which applications are emerging; muon-catalyzed fusion is a prominent example.”
  • “Aside from its possible technological applications, research on muon-catalyzed fusion touches on many areas of modern physics. The processes involved depend on the laws of molecular, atomic, nuclear and particle physics. Research on muon-catalyzed fusion challenges our ability to combine concepts from these diverse fields and deepens our knowledge of each.”

You must remember that Mr. Steven E. Jones was a principal investigator for the U.S. Department of Energy, Division of Advanced Energy Projects. And Jones studied fusion in condensed matter physics and deuterium under U.S. Department of Energy and Electric Power Research Institute sponsorship. Sound familiar?

How many people do you think were aware of the research relating to cold fusion/LENR that had been accomplished earlier, and was even going on at the time of the announcement by Pons and Fleischmann? It must have been a very few because that is why the media event by Pons and Fleischmann created such a sensation.  It was well documented that cold fusion/LENR was real – long before Pons and Fleischmann. That is why government research in this field starting from the 1930/40s continued nonstop before and after the media event of Pons and Fleischmann, and is still continuing to this day.

So now you can see the great sin of Pons and Fleischmann, credible people went directly to the mass media with a claim that safe “free” energy based on the power in the atom but at a small scale was possible, and the “powers that be,” not wanting a source of clean, inexpensive, modular, and maybe even free or low cost energy for the masses, now had to scramble and was forced into an accelerated program of damage control.  If Pons and Fleischmann had published in peer reviewed science magazines the damage would have been very easy to control.  Just like the paper of Jones in the 1987 Scientific American magazine.

After putting thousands of dollars of their own money into their project, Pons and Fleischmann, decided to hold out their hands for some of that easy government funding.  That started the process for the government to say to Jones who already was on the government’s payroll to look into what they were doing and what they knew.  Like a good boy, Jones did as he was told and tried to get Pons and Fleischmann to publish, with him, in peer reviewed journals.  The government could control the situation then and in the future very easily.  But as we all know that plan went south and the rest is history.

What most people don’t realize is that it is the public’s feedback, (or sometimes lack of it), based on its awareness via the major news media that results in most of the funding in the government and its programs in the universities and private labs and research centers. Most everybody in research it seems, is looking for that government handout.

Keeping all this in mind, let’s look at where cold fusion/LENR is now after 23 years.  By different accounts as much as $300,000,000 has been put into cold fusion/LENR research worldwide, with most of that going into people’s salaries. And we still don’t have even a small working model, or experimental kit, we can buy anywhere, let alone a commercial device able to do anything useful.  Sounds like “hot fusion” but on a smaller scale, doesn’t it?

It seems that everyone doing “research” in cold fusion/LENR is one of three types. 1) Pure science, who are not interested in commercializing, but still there are very few refereed papers published. 2) Research with the goal of commercializing, getting patents, very hush – hush, you need an NDA to talk to anyone, part of a company or corporation, no open demonstrations, very little details on experiments, no third party verifications, lots of meetings and seminars though, etc. etc. or 3) Outright frauds and scams.

We did an extensive research of the cold fusion/LENR field at this time.  We think a device that will provide 1 KW of heat energy over and above the energy required to run the device, seems to be the minimum size of device for commercial purposes. With a working commercial device of this size a few could be bundled together to even power a house, or run a car.  No legitimate person, company, or lab is claiming anything near or over this amount that is verifiable at this time.  We at the Open Source LENR Project are not just waiting for the day a 10 KW to 100 KW LENR device is ready for the public, we intend to make that happen! We will now look at most of the major players and companies who have “thrown their hat in the ring.”

The cold fusion/LENR, “free energy” field has had more than its share of scams and frauds, people willing to take money from hard working people everywhere.  None of them will be mentioned here. In the cold fusion/LENR field scams and frauds seem to come in two forms, one form are those asking for scientific or research/development money, and the other are those claiming to have working devices, and they are asking for more money and/or are selling “licenses.”  To distinguish a fraud at the science or development level can be the hardest to determine but there are ways, means and clues for those truly interested in detecting that type of scam.

One way to describe a cold fusion/LENR scam or fraud – is when someone or a company selling anything, including licenses for future sales – right to manufacture, or part of the company, or stock, etc. claim to have a working prototype or production model, but one that is not fully tested independently at more than one legitimate testing place, school or lab, without photos of the working device and the results of the independent third party testing, (which can be done without having to give away proprietary secrets), available to everyone without cost.  But, you ask what about the companies that say they have all of this, but the information is only available to certain people who sign a NDA?  In that case since the claim and the company cannot be verified we will list it as unverifiable, and will not include it here either. We refuse to sign any NDA with anyone for any purpose.

But what about a company or corporation selling stock, or asking for funding, with the clear statement that they are only in the research phase and do not have a working commercial ready device, and are not selling licenses.  In that case it would be up to the investor to decide whether to give any money to them.  It is not necessarily fraud to ask for money for research.  Also there are other things that must be considered like; lying, missing promised deadlines, misrepresentation, false claims, etc., every case is unique and must be carefully analyzed.  But here again none of those will be listed here.

The only players listed here in the cold fusion/LENR field will be ones who have a commercial ready device, that has been fully tested independently at more than one legitimate testing place, school or lab, and who are providing photos/videos of the working device/s that was/were tested, with the results of the independent third party testing available to everyone without having to sign an NDA.

And now after 23 years who are the players today in cold fusion/LENR? What are they doing? Where are they at in developing and getting to market or the commercialization of any cold fusion/LENR product? Basing our answer on the information provided above it is easy to answer these questions. There is not even one person or company with a verifiable, legit cold fusion/LENR device.  There are many people applying for and even receiving patents.  There are lots of people doing “research.” There are many more asking for money, most of which goes into salaries or for “licenses.” But not one device is on the market.

This is why we are creating the Open Source LENR Project.  We are creating a trust, a trust for the people of the world.  Where the people of the world by the thousands and the millions can be a part.  Where each person can give just a little bit into the trust, but the numbers will add up. If everyone in the world who hear or read our message and want to help gives just a little we will have all we need.

Each person would not have to give that much, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA where this is being written:
One soft drink is about $1.00
To watch a movie is $7.50 – $12.00
One gallon of gasoline is $4.00
A Sunday newspaper is $2.50

What if thousands and millions of people worldwide each gave just $5.00? How much could that hurt their pocketbook?  But more importantly what would happen with the money they gave? Every dollar that comes in and goes out will be accounted for, with all records open for inspection by anyone at anytime, available on the internet.

As the Open Source LENR Project is further developed the information will be posted on the website.

  • All legal documents will be posted.
  • Complete financial accounting to the last dollar will be posted, both money coming in and going out on a monthly basis. Quarterly and yearly reports by a CPA will be posted.
  • All those who are governing or working will have their names posted.
  • All meetings will be posted.
  • The results of all experiments, both the ones that work and those that don’t will be posted.
  • We intend to patent our technology as it is being developed so the Open Source LENR Project will have complete control how our open source technology is used.

So just what is the Open Source LENR Project going to do?

Good question.  Here is a list of just some of the things that have already been done and that will be done in the future.  Some things will overlap, this is not a linear project.  Also as each part of the project is coming together more and finer details will be posted.


  • A website has already been created, but will continue to grow and evolve.  After the trust is set up the domain name URL and website/blog will be transferred to the trust.
  • A twitter account is already set up.
  • A Facebook account is already set up.
  • A YouTube account is already set up.
  • A separate blog has already been set up.


  • The legal structure of the trust is being developed.
  • The members of the trustees are coming together.
  • All documents will be posted when they are finished.

The Research Lab:

  • First, a location will have to be chosen.
  • Remodeling will have to be done.
  • Lab equipment and supplies will have to be purchased.

The Open Source LENR Project is not a business, it is not a company or corporation, and it is not connected to any business, organization or government.  It is a research lab for the people of the world.  It is being created for one purpose only – to verify and show the world if cold fusion/LENR is true as claimed; and if a commercial sized device (1 KW or larger energy output over and above the energy input) can be built using this technology.

Won’t you join us?

Gary Wright
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
April 24, 2012

For the first time in history a true open source LENR project.
Everyone on Planet Earth can be a part!

This is going to be the most open and transparent Cold Fusion – LENR project of all time.

All funding will come from donations from people all over the world.

  • How else to fund a true open source project like this?
  • By being funded by donations from any source we will not be pressured or controlled by anyone.
  • No government agency, business concern, or rich donor will have any control over what we do and how we do it.
  • We will be free to show all of our tests and experiments both the ones that are successful and the ones that fail.
  • All donors, big or small, will have the same access to the information on the project.
  • We will have no secrets to protect.
  • We are NOT taking donations at this time. The non-revokable trust has to be set up, and other legalities accomplished before we will be ready to take donations.

All research papers will be posted on the internet.

  • This includes all descriptions of all tests and experiments.  All protocols.  All materials used.  All records of all tests and experiments.

Many video cameras will be streaming full time on the internet.

  • There will be online streaming video of the property 24/7, both outside and indoors.
  • There will be online videos of all experiments and testing 24/7.
  • There will be online streaming video of all meetings.
  • These meetings will be covering everything that is happening, including all experiments, and the design and building of all parts and projects.
  • It is possible that some online streaming videos will only be pay-for-view as a way to raise funds.
  • But even real time pay-for-view streaming videos will be posted on the internet later for viewing after the event.

All meetings will be streaming live as much as possible, but all will be posted on the internet for later viewing.

  • All meetings concerning this project will be posted live on the internet and/or recorded for download at any time.
  • This includes all trustee meetings, and all meetings concerning the experiments and tests, both at the design stage and follow up meeting to discuss the results.

All money reports and transactions will be posted on the internet.

  • These will be exhaustive reports showing how all of the money coming into this project is being used.
  • The financial reports will also include all monthly bank and PayPal statements.

Goals of the Open Source LENR project.

  • The first goal of this project is to create the first homestead that is heated and cooled with LENR, and with all electricity provided by LENR.
  • The second goal will be the design and engineering of different types of devices for sale to the public.
  • The third goal will be manufacturing LENR heat and power generators for delivery worldwide.

The Governing Structure and Support of the Open Source LENR Project.

  • The Open Source LENR Project is not a business it is a research lab.
  • When stage three is reached then a spin off business format will have to be created for the manufacturing and sale of generators.  At that time the trust will determine the best course of action, but even that will be open source.
  • The basic overall governing body in control of this project will be a trust with a Board of Trustees consisting of 3-12 trustees.
  • Below the Board of Trustees will be the Open Source LENR Committee. The OSL Committee will oversee the direction of research, and will also have 3-12 members.
  • The day-to-day onsite Management and Operations Group of this project will have Gary Wright as project manager. The number of people in the Management and Operations Group will vary depending upon the needs of the project.
  • The next level of support will be the consultants, covering every aspect of the project.
  • And the greatest level of support for the Open Source LENR Project with be the people of the world. The Open Source LENR Project will only work with the help, input, and support of everyone worldwide.

The time has now come for every person on Planet Earth to have a free, and unlimited source of energy for any purpose!

While waiting for the creation of the trust, everyone feel free to give us any POSITIVE ideas or suggestions.
On the Contact tab above, or privately at the links below.

Stay tuned for PART ONE!! The creation of the trust that will oversee this project.

Gary Wright
April, 6, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Open Source LENR Project


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